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Make your intranet secure and easy to manage

Evolve your search experiences into solve experiences with Interact


Interact Search incorporates adaptive learning capabilities to ensure users find exactly what they are looking for, every time. Not only that, our intelligence engine takes the user on journey beyond searching for information to one that solves their problem.


Permission control

Quickly search and assign permissions across every area of your intranet, making it easy to set up and maintain, and allowing you to control access to sensitive areas.

Permission Control

Active Directory sync

Whether you’re a company with one domain, or an enterprise with three domains and a forest, the Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) functionality makes syncing your user information directly with Interact Intranet simple, ensuring everything is kept up-to-date.


Manage multiple locations

Whether your organisation is spread over multiple locations, or you have multiple brands working in one location, with Interact’s intranet software you can create and display content to meet different needs. That means people in your US office aren’t seeing news that’s only relevant to those over in the UK.

Multiple Locations

No more forgotten passwords