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Interact offers the perfect blend of productivity, intelligence and social to give your organisation a genuinely easy-to-use and intuitive intranet that supports and encourages collaboration and communication. Social tools, including liking and sharing, @mentioning and forums help remove the traditional barriers of familiarity, time zone and technology.



Interact’s Ultimate Forums

Encourage employees to communicate, collaborate and share ideas across your organisation with Interact’s Ultimate Forums. With four different forum types, each containing a multitude of social features, Interact gives you more ways of tapping into your employees’ knowledge, expertise and ideas.

Social 2


Make social, business relevant

Give your employees familiar and intuitive tools that they will want to work with, with the Interact Timeline. A familiar concept in social tools outside of the workplace, the Timeline provides a platform for collaboration, as well as presenting intelligently tailored content to help get work done – fast.

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 Power to your people

Whether project, social or hobby related, Interact Teams is a place your employees can go to create and engage in their own communities in just a few clicks – incredibly important in creating a sense of ownership and encouraging employee participation with your intranet.




Bring gamification into your intranet and allow peer-to-peer recognition with Interact Rewards



Ideas voting


Give users their say and provide immediate feedback on ideas with the ability to vote ideas up or down



social links


Connect via external social media platforms with links directly from users’ profiles



Social 4


Break down silos

Interact encourages your employees to network outside of their immediate team by suggesting other users that they may want to follow. Whether it’s a related area of expertise, or a shared personal interest, with Interact there are more ways of connecting your workforce.



Social 5


Informal, real-time connections

Create a social environment that enables staff to connect in an informal and ‘real-time’ environment, and break expertise out of small self-contained groups into the wider organisation with the Interact Blogging tool.




Give users a quick and familiar way of acknowledging and providing feedback on posts




Interact gives you a platform to share relevant content and posts amongst co-workers




Bring co-workers into the conversation by @mentioning them within content, posts and discussions