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The HR professional’s intranet of choice

Interact is the go-to partner for Human Resource departments looking to make huge reductions in administration, as well as drive employee engagement and retention. Whether you are a stand-alone HR professional or part of a multi-disciplinary team, Interact supports you with your daily tasks as well as enabling your strategic goals.

Empowering employees to work anywhere, anytime

Your workers may not sit at a desk or even work regular hours so it is critical they can access the intranet anytime, on any device. Interact is fully responsive so no matter what device they use, they can still access all relevant content with no compromise on functionality.

Presence further allows a dispersed workforce to see who is online and available to quickly help with an issue.



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Interact is so easy to use, you don’t need IT or training to create content that wows employees

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Interact automatically creates and maintains an organogram, giving a simple visual hierarchy

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Set Interact to automatically sync with Active Directory so central changes are automatically reflected



Make huge reductions in administration

Streamline administration and reduce inefficiencies and errors associated with paper-based forms with Interact Workflow and Forms. Whether it’s gathering new starter information, or processing annual reviews, Interact makes compiling and managing vital information simple, and our advanced reporting capabilities let you see which forms have and haven’t been completed. It’s simple to link Interact Workflow and Forms to third-party databases to ensure all important data is stored and processed in one place.



Improve employee performance and retention with social tools

The millennial generation is quickly becoming an integral part of our workforce, the same generation that has grown up with social media, instant access to information, and instant acknowledgement of achievements enabled through software. It’s only natural they have come to expect the same experience in the workplace. Interact is a truly social intranet that blends business productivity tools with tools that enable purposeful collaboration. Best of all, because Interact is so easy to use, it will be adopted by all your employees regardless of age.






Give users peace of mind that they’re working with the latest content with Version Control




Mandatory Read functionality gives an auditable view of who has read and understood your content




Keep important HR data confidential with Interact’s sophisticated but simple permission settings







Save time with employee self service

Interact enables you to deliver consistent and effective on-boarding to users from their first experience with your intranet, making them more productive, faster. Our range of tools and the ease of which they can be used means mentors and trainers no longer need to be sat alongside a new starter for huge periods of time.

Interact’s powerful search, including the ability to rank Best Bet content top of search, make it quick and easy for users to locate the information they need, reducing repetitive calls and e-mails to HR.


Get a handle on absences

Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming paper-based leave requests with Interact Absence Manager. Give employees the ability to self-serve requests via your intranet, helping to reduce the strain on managers and HR. Sophisticated reporting, including calculated Bradford Factor score, lets you analyse absence trends by individual or department and report poor attendance automatically to managers.HR10


Integration with third-party applications

Interact integrates with a range of third-party applications, bringing them into the heart of your intranet and providing a seamless journey for all your HR and user needs. Whether it’s an HR database, or a link to cloud storage providers, rather than forcing you to migrate all your content across, with Interact you can get up and running quickly.






Managing training and development

Manage your staff training needs with Interact Training Manager. Log details of internal and external courses, assign staff, record attendance and details of qualifications achieved, and set up alerts to highlight where refresher training is required.

Quick and easy access to training records and scheduled training sessions allows you to view staff training history to identify achievements and any incomplete or required training. Once training is completed, set tests using a combination of question types, and alert users as to whether they’ve passed or failed.




Allow your employees to recognise good work on a peer-to-peer basis with Interact Rewards




Identify knowledge and training gaps by testing employees using Interact Question Bank




Make it easy for employees to get to know each other with Interact People Directory




Reduce repetitive questions

Take knowledge out of inboxes and make is accessible to everyone with Interact Answers. When someone has a question that hasn’t already been answered elsewhere on your intranet, Interact will search users’ profiles and display a list of those best placed to give an accurate and swift response. And because that information is stored online, it’s available the next time someone has a similar query, reducing repetitive questions, and helping you to build a more informed and collaborative workforce.