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The number 1 choice for Healthcare intranet software

Interact provide intranet software to healthcare professionals worldwide making us the leading provider of healthcare intranet software in the world.

Interact is the perfect intranet software solution to meet the needs of your modern healthcare infrastructure. Hosted in the cloud or on premise, it gives administrative staff and clinicians easy access to the information they need, when they need it, freeing up time to focus on frontline service delivery.




Accurate communication of critical information

Put patient safety at the top of the agenda by ensuring all healthcare practitioners have access to the most up-to-date critical information they need quickly and easily, while complying with OHS and government regulations on prescribing medication and other key clinical processes.

Interact’s sophisticated content and document management features help to ensure everyone is working from one version of the truth. Mandatory read and superior version control help meet compliance requirements, the ability to set review dates ensures content is regularly reviewed and updated, and integration with cloud storage providers mean all your healthcare organisation’s documents can be brought into the heart of your intranet.


Xrays, scans and other images are supported and clearly presented on your intranet


Comply with targets on cloud services, and integrate with your wider infrastructure with Interact hosted in the cloud


Interact’s fully responsive software makes it easy for staff in the community to access critical information from anywhere on any device


Aiding effective clinical practice

Build a solid knowledge base by connecting your experts quickly, allowing them to collaborate on effective patient care and share clinical best practice across the organisation – whether they’re based in a clinical setting or out in the community. Interact Teams provides a secure workspace to bring staff together to work on specific projects. Social features in Interact such as Forums and Blogs make it easy for staff to connect and share ideas to support faster problem solving and improve clinical practice increasing focus on patient services and the delivery of healthcare programmes.


Hosting your Healthcare intranet in the cloud

Modern healthcare infrastructures are increasingly shifting towards cloud hosting, but how do you know whether this is the best place for your healthcare intranet? Broken down into five key areas, this guide considers the different aspects that should be taken into account when considering where to host your intranet.

Critical information at your fingertips

Wherever your practitioners are, whether out in the community or at a patient’s bedside, Interact’s revolutionary intelligent search gives you fast access to the information you need.

Offering one-click or advanced search, the ability to guarantee select pages come top of search with Best Bets, and search filters, Interact makes finding relevant content easy. Where information can’t be found the ‘did you mean’ functionality and ‘failure to find’ reporting help to improve relevancy and accuracy.




Improve efficiencies and save costs

Streamline operations and reduce inefficiencies and errors associated with paper-based forms with Interact Workflow and Forms. Carry out mandatory clinical audits quickly and accurately through automated workflows making it a more efficient way to capture data needed for regulatory and compliance purposes.

It’s easy to link Interact Workflow and Forms to third-party databases to pull in additional critical information, such as patient information, ensuring all of your important data is stored and processed in one place.




Control security throughout your intranet and protect patient information with simple but advanced permission settings


Our WYSYWIG CMS removes the frustrations of adding and editing content, and is so intuitive no training is required


Target home page information based on department or location so users only see information that’s relevant to them