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Deliver the exceptional customer service your members deserve

Serving members is what makes Credit Unions stand apart from other financial services organizations.

Interact’s intelligent intranet software is uniquely suited to distributed branch environments like Credit Unions as it provides a platform that connects dispersed employees and allows them to communicate and collaborate in real time.

Social features such as Ultimate Forums, Blogging Tool and Interact Answers give branch employees access to the knowledge they need to deliver the service your members deserve.



Boost employee engagement from day one

Getting new employees up and running can be time consuming. Interact enables Credit Union HR teams to reduce the administration and management of on-boarding new starters by using Workflow and Forms to gather information through the intranet. New starters can be self-sufficient from the outset with easy access to key information via intranet Homepages, which can be set to include the training, policies and processes they need access to in those vital first few weeks – saving time and repetitive questions.



Simple to use software for everyone

New software can often be seen as a threat to those employees who have been with the organization a long time but Interact is so easy to use even your least technical employees will be able to contribute from the outset. Employees can create their own attractive and engaging content using Interact’s simple and intuitive CMS without having to funnel requests through IT. Homepages are quick and easy to build using a selection of drag and drop widgets that allow you to move content around, and resize elements in one click without the need for developer support.





Give employees fast access to the information they need every time with intelligent search




Uncover the hidden experts in your organisation and get swift responses from those best placed to help




A powerful tool for those needing an integrated audit trail and roll back on key documents and pages



Maintain compliance with Mandatory Read and inbuilt Version Control

Credit Unions are subject to lots of rules and regulations which are constantly changing the landscape. Branch employees have to be able to understand and deliver the right advice to each other and to members directly to ensure that the correct decisions are made to protect their finances and assets. Improving information dissemination and ensuring critical information, such as regulatory changes, is read can be achieved with a single tick by marking specific content as a Mandatory Read. Interact also has inbuilt version control so you can carry out and record all document amends within your intranet, giving you confidence in the validity of content, and an audit trail for monitoring changes.



Break down branch silos and simplify group collaboration

Interact Teams provides a single platform for communities of common interest, regardless of location or traditional department structures. Employees can create and engage in their own communities in just a few clicks – incredibly important in creating a sense of ownership and encouraging employee participation with your intranet. By bringing projects into the intranet you can provide your employees with a simple but effective place for group collaboration, moving critical knowledge from individuals’ email inboxes and desktops, so it can be accessed by multiple users for future reference, reducing duplication of effort and increasing the findability of information.





Create a social platform that enables branch staff to connect in a ‘real-time’ environment




Make it simple for employees to connect and collaborate outside of their branch, reducing silos and encouraging knowledge sharing.




Create online spaces for cross-branch teams to connect and work together on key projects, or to get together around shared areas of interest.