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Intranet Consultancy Services

                    At IT Delivery we do more than just provide great Intranet Solutions we support you at each stage of the journey.



Strategic Review of Existing Intranet

As your company grows the way in which you use your Intranet changes greatly, your staff’s expectations grow and company objectives evolve. Allow ITD to review your current Intranet, provide feedback and recommendations based on our experience and Intranet Best Practices.

We analyse your existing intranet’s usage, content, design, internal communication and backend Technology. Using this data we can then provide you with a detailed roadmap for the redesign or replacement of your current intranet platform.



Determining Goals and Business Drivers

What do you want from your intranet versus what you need? Intranets are more than just a placeholder for corporate documents. Allow ITD demonstrate the full potential of your intranet, what your goals should be and how to really deliver value to your business.

We will help you identify, develop, prioritise, and document the goals and current practices that will act as the foundation for your Intranet.


Intranet Planning and Needs Analysis

ITD uses tried and tested analysis tools to gain a detailed understanding of your organisation. Focus Groups, Surveys, key stakeholder interviews and workplace process analysis are just a few ways we can help identify the content, tools and direction that will facilitate the planning of an Intranet that improves communication, self-sufficiency and productivity.

Using these methods we will identify the areas of your intranet that can deliver substantial business benefits, improve staff engagement and company-wide collaboration.



Content and Business Process Assessments

Let us help identify the key Content and Business processes that are a must for your Intranet. Through structured process assessment, we can help pinpoint the key tools, integrations and information that your staff need on a day to day basis to enable them to do their Jobs more efficiently and remain engaged.

Working with your staff through stakeholder and workshop meetings we will classify the content and processes that are fundamental to your business, provide specific feedback on how these processes can be improved with the use of your Intranet and distinguish the content that is essential for your Intranet to add value to your business.



Build or Buy? Intranet Solution Analysis and Implementation Planning

There is a large number of Pro’s and Con’s to consider when choosing whether to build your Intranet or use an out-of-the-box solution. Let us walk you through the key benefits associated with the best Intranet solutions on the market right now, how their design and features align to your requirements and how easily they can be implemented across your organisation.

An Intranet is a reasonable investment, before making any decisions talk to us about your requirements. Allow us to do the legwork and provide you with an informed overview of the best Intranet Products on the market ensuring you get the most from your money and resources.



Intranet Promotion and Engagement Strategy

The Go-Live party is over you have delivered an Intranet!!! Well done, but what now? It’s very important to take the pulse of what’s being over or under utilised on your intranet, what’s working and what isn’t.  We can help you to monitor and identify the key areas that need work and provide you with the tools to improve user engagement, collaboration and the promotion of your Intranet across your organisation.

Your business changes all the time and needs to adapt so what shouldn’t your Intranet? make sure you are utilising your Intranet into its full potential. Whether it’s adding functionality, integrating with new applications or opening up your site to Clients or partners we are here to help.


  Intranet Health Check, Benchmarking and Progression Analysis

To get the most from your Investment it is essential that you review and evaluate your Intranet as it grow’s. Issues like a lack of engagement, out of date and unreliable content all influence your staff’s trust in your Intranet. Our health check and progression analysis process can equip you with key data and analytics to help understand how you can continue to provide a successful Intranet.

Our Benchmarking tools will enable you to see how your Intranet performs compared to others in your industry, it will give you an understanding of what needs to be improved as well as providing a list of achievable goals.

                                                              For more information or to book a Review Meeting please contact us today!!