Interact Intranet v Sharepoint 2013 Guide

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Interact Intranet v Sharepoint 2013 Guide 2016-12-29T06:33:39+00:00

There have been too many documented examples of costly failed SharePoint projects

The road to an effective SharePoint implementation is often an uncertain one for organizations. Along the journey, there are many technology-based laybys in which the intranet and digital workplace team can find themselves permanently parked, eating up budget, time and resources, while the users are left with an unintuitive tool.” -DIGITAL WORKPLACE GROUP [BLOG], MAY 2014

Sharepoint Overview:

  • 3 year product update life-cycle so it falls behind the rapidly changing intranet landscape quickly
  • Great for building document stores
  • Requires 3rd party integration for responsive design functionality
  • An intranet implementation will require extensive custom development
  • Needs a comprehensive input from specialist SharePoint technical team
  • Takes many months to develop and implement

Interact Intranet Overview:

  • 3 substantial software updates per year
  • Built for mobile with responsive design allowing content to be viewed on any device
  • Intelligently pushes content to people solving one of the biggest problems in all intranet deployments
  • Out the box (can be up and running in days)
  • Vastly customisable, 100’s of features and applications
  • Built on standard Microsoft technologies making it easy to integrate into your IT environment.