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Join the hundreds of world-wide Interact customers already hosting in the cloud

Since the launch of Interact Cloud, 95% of world-wide Interact customers have chosen to host their intranet with us. They’re benefiting from the best version of Interact available and a fully managed service.

Moving your intranet to dedicated Australia/NZ Interact Cloud will revolutionise the way you communicate and collaborate. By enabling your teams to work together wherever they are on any device, your organisation will improve employee engagement and productivity. Give your users an easier way to access key business information, share feedback, connect with colleagues and complete tasks: start benefiting from increased productivity now! Interact Cloud customers enjoy higher levels of engagement, more user-produced content and far less reliance on their own resources.

This guide will explain how Interact Cloud:
• saves your business time and money • reduces support tickets • decreases dependency on IT • increases user adoption • is more secure than your own infrastructure • gives your organisation greater flexibility



i1What is Interact Cloud? 
Interact Cloud is a fully managed service encompassing all software and licensing, unlimited support, updates, security patches, backups and of course hosting with a 99.97% guarantee. It’s the same great product you have now, but with the limitless benefit of allowing you to focus on your business rather than your IT.
Key features of Interact Cloud:
• Instant access, less support tickets and no IT involvement
• Quick and easy to scale, adding licenses and apps seamlessly
• Always up-to-date, with automatic updates applied by us
• World class security
• Better performance and no hardware considerations
• More economical than on-premises hosting


Break down your communication barriers

Are you trying to connect with a dispersed workforce but struggling to give them access to key resources or get them engaged?
Want to know what your front line employees really feel about their work?
Battling to push engagement to the next level?

Restricting your users to only accessing your intranet when they’re on the network means their ability to contribute is limited. Get the social and productivity balance right by making essential documents and data accessible to workers on multiple devices from anywhere on the planet. The ability to instantly share and sync documents not only makes it easier for employees to access their own work, but enables collaboration as well. Our research proves that Interact Cloud intranets see far greater adoption, with over 30% of users regularly contributing to their intranet on Interact Cloud compared to on-premises installations.

Homepage 1Concentrate on your business, not your IT

Always running an older version of Interact?
Fed up of scheduling updates and dealing with infrastructure?
Planning on improving backup and disaster recovery?
Suspect your hardware is slowing your intranet down?
Does your infrastructure need an upgrade but the business won’t support it?
Moving any of your other applications to the cloud?

Sound familiar? These are just some of the things we hear all the time from our customers when they talk to us about their experience of self-hosting.

Traditional on-premises models are costly in terms of upkeep and hardware and can become increasingly expensive to patch or fix over time. System downtime and server maintenance take attention away from already overworked IT staff. Without having to handle server maintenance or updates, your team can concentrate their efforts elsewhere. We now perform live deployments on Interact Cloud sites, so your users can carry on getting work done without interruption; and with a typical 99.99% up-time, your team can focus resource on other business requirements.

What’s involved with moving to Interact Cloud?

Moving to the cloud is quick and easy, and typically completed by our UK team in 48 hours or less. IT Delivery will handle any technical discussions and once your business has made the decision to move, we’ll handle everything

3 Simple Steps

1. Speak to IT Delivery
2. We’ll move your intranet with no disruption for users
3. You are now an Interact Cloud customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we still synchronise our profiles from Active Directory?
Interact Cloud can synchronise directly with your Active Directory in exactly the same way as your current on-premise deployment. Additionally, Interact Cloud can synchronise with additional data sources such as Workday or Excel.

Will single sign on work in the cloud?
Interact Cloud works seamlessly with single sign on technologies such as Active Directory (ADFS), OneLogin or Okta, providing your users with the single sign on experience they are used to.

Will we need to give our users a new URL to access the intranet on?
The majority of customer URLs can be simply ported across to Interact Cloud. This is largely dependent upon what the existing URL is. During the migration to Interact Cloud our team will discuss the options available.

How safe is it for mobile workers?
Interact understands that reliability, security and recovery requirements vary between organisation and industry sector when using cloud solutions. All our intranets use TLS/SSL (HTTPS) to encrypt traffic between the end user’s browser and Interact’s servers, ensuring all communication is secure.

Will I need to rebuild my site from scratch?
No. Our team will take a copy of your site, including all licenses, apps and content and migrate it to Interact Cloud in a few hours. There will be no disruption for users and minimal downtime.

We are interested in Interact Cloud but don’t want to give our users access outside of the office. Is this achievable?
Interact Cloud can be secured to only allow users access from a certain location(s). Interact Cloud checks the IP address of the visiting user against a list of pre-defined ‘whitelisted’ IP addresses, a setting that can be easily setup within the administration area of Interact.

Where is our data stored? How can you guarantee security?
Our Security Team regularly conduct both manual and automated application security tests and action is taken as necessary. Interact’s cloud service is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), who are widely accepted as a world leader in cloud infrastructure. Nevertheless, AWS have been subject to a rigorous due diligence process as one of our suppliers to ensure that their security management, processes and policies adhere to the high standards we and our customers expect. We operate a Shared Security Responsibility Model with AWS. Full information, including a Security Whitepaper and Security Features document, is available from your Account Manager.

What up-time does Interact Cloud have?
We guarantee a 99.97% up-time, but have maintained a 99.99% up-time from 2015 to date of print.