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There is a number of ways to get your new Intranet

Cloud is our most popular option, but every company is different.  Call us to discuss your requirements and find the right solution for you

Cloud Hosting

The Australian Interact Cloud is coming!

Cloud is the most popular option for taking up a new Intranet.   The benefits include lower cost (both for upfront and typically ongoing), speed of roll out where the basics can up up and functioning in a madder of weeks or even days and finally in reliability.

The cloud solution is hosted in a certified local data centre and supported round the clock by a team of skilled professionals.

In-house Hosting

In-house intranets are the obvious choice and they are typically the most popular method of delivering intranet software for mainly larger businesses.

The advantages of this option are primarily to do with security, control and efficiency.  When the intranet is hosted on an internal webserver, you can be assured that any data stored on it is on your own machines, and stays, for the most part, within the organisation and is not shared.  The main challenges of hosting your intranet in-house comes down to cost and effort.

Private Cloud / External Dedicated Hosting

For companies with more stringent secure requirements or specific policies around not utilising public cloud, external dedicated hosting or Private cloud in the next best thing.

Its your environment secured your way, but typically utilises enterprise equipment and skills without the need to purchase and support your own.  This is usually a more expensive option, but achieves a similar reliability as cloud whilst maintaining full ownership of the data and systems