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Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is one of the largest social landlords in Europe, dedicated to creating better lives through better housing.

With a large number of staff, working from many offices, effective internal communication was a huge challenge. Implementing Interact Intranet has enabled them to facilitate more effective and efficient communications, enhancing staff experience, saving time and hugely improving internal processes.

Just 10 months after its implementation, Glasgow Housing Association’s intranet won numerous awards including, a prestigious, ‘Ragan 2012 Employee Communications Award’ for being the ‘Best Value Intranet to Employees.’
The success they have achieved via their intranet, ‘Holmes’, is testament to a phased approach to social change; shifting their organisation’s behaviour from top down communication to encouraging collaboration, which has turned traditional problems into opportunities.
This is an approach Interact has advocated throughout its consultancy with customers – that social has to happen at a rate and volume suitable for each organisation, initially creating communities of need which evolve into an enterprise wide behaviour.

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