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The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is dedicated to preventing paediatric HIV infection

through research, advocacy and prevention and treatment programs. Implementing Interact Intranet has enabled them to communicate more effectively and efficiently over different countries and time zones, which is essential, as the better their communications the more children they can help.

EGPAF had a clunky, difficult to manage intranet, implemented on SharePoint back in 2007, which was proving to be more of a hindrance to collaboration and knowledge sharing than an aide, due to the time, effort and training needed to maintain it.

Interact Intranet successfully overcame these and many more issues improving Communication and collaboration which was revolutionised throughout EGPAF with their use of Enterprise 2.0 tools, especially blogging, discussion forums and document comments. The sense of community and involvement increased across the organisation, with everyone feeling encouraged to contribute their thoughts, opinions and ideas. The easy use of the intranet has given everyone a feeling of ownership. Time and money have been saved by reducing the time it takes for people to find information they need, making the EGPAF more efficient.

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