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Measure, learn, improve with Interact Analytics


Revolutionise the way you manage your intranet with the advanced capabilities in Interact Analytics that will help you achieve a more successful intranet.

Interact’s unique analytics help ensure you not only identify what needs to be improved on your intranet but also gives you complete guidance on  how to do this, removing the time and stress of trying to guess what immediate improvements you should make from a large amount of statistical data. Make informed decisions and take direct action to significantly enhance your intranet’s performance.

Real-Time Benchmarking
Real-time intranet benchmarking is a key indication of the performance of your intranet in comparison to others so you can identify if you are investing time and effort into the right areas.

Historical Analytics
Understand and identify trends on your intranet using historical data collected over time. Giving you a deeper understanding of intranet behaviour.

Document Quality Score
Every document on your intranet is rated according to intranet best practice, so you can ensure your intranet only contains engaging and quality content to improve knowledge sharing in your organisation.

Interact Warnings
Instantly alerted to problems on your intranet – that you can action and remedy quickly and easily.

Intranet Email Reports
Automated reports delivered straight to your inbox so you can monitor your intranet daily.

Search Analytics
Identify what your users are looking for so you can fine-tune your intranet according to user requirements.

Profile Analytics
An intranet managers secret tool to ensuring up to date and complete profile information on your intranet so your intranet remains the reliable central source for information.


Best Bet insights

Interact tracks and analyses frequently-searched terms and popular pages and proactively alerts you by suggesting them as a Best Bet content. With a specific tab within Interact Analytics, managing Best Bets across your site couldn’t be easier, meaning you can have a more effective intranet without it becoming a major admin task.

Best Bets

Failure to Find

The ‘failure to find’ intranet analytics report alerts you to the most popular search terms and words that have failed to return any results. This gives you vital insight into what users are looking for, helping to identify and fill information black holes, and ultimately increase intranet engagement.

failure to find

Influence Score

Discover who is and isn’t engaged with your intranet with Interact Analytics. Measure the influence your users have on your intranet by scoring them whenever their contributions are liked, shared, commented on, or when they are @tagged. By understanding who your key influencers are, you can turn them into intranet champions to facilitate participation of your disengaged users.

influence score

Profile Analytics

The richer your content, the more information Interact’s intelligence has to work with in order to create relevant user experiences. Up-to-date user profiles are an essential element of this, which is why Profile Analytics allow you to quickly identify users with incomplete profiles, and encourage them to complete missing information.

Missing image